Access to RAISEonline for academy converters

New academies created under the 2010 Academies Act are well performing schools that have converted to academy status. Details of this process can be found on the Department for Education (DfE) website (

The 2010 Academies Act allows the data and user roles held in RAISEonline for the predecessor school to be accessed by the new academy from the date of the change.

In practice this means:

  • EduBase is updated with a new school name and the academy is provided with a new unique reference number (URN)
  • the DfE number (consisting of local authority number and DfE establishment number) remains unchanged
  • access to the RAISEonline system remains unchanged.

RAISEonline is updated at the start of each academic year. Any school that has fully completed the academy conversion process by 31 August will appear on the system as such, with a new URN. All RAISEonline information held by the predecessor school will be automatically available to the new academy, including user access currently associated with the predecessor school. This means that the academy’s RAISEonline users will be able to access their new academy account using their existing login details.

Schools that have not completed the academy conversion process (under the 2010 Academies Act) by 31 August will still be able to access their predecessor school’s data using their current access details. However, the new academy’s name will not be reflected in RAISEonline until the following year. The predecessor school’s data can still be used for self evaluation and will be presented to Ofsted inspectors as part of the pre-inspection preparation material.

Sponsor-led academies and other schools

Any other types of new schools, including sponsor-led academies and free schools, will be provided with new login details prior to the release of the relevant unvalidated key stage data for the school. The account will include access to the new school’s data and a link to information of the predecessor school/s. There is no need for these schools to contact RAISEonline requesting access to the system as this will be managed automatically, using data updates and contact details from EduBase (DfE).

Until the new school account details are provided, these schools will be able to access their predecessor data by using the previous school’s account details. If the successor academy/school does not have an active account for the predecessor school, they can obtain this by contacting

The individual pupil information pertaining to the predecessor school is provided by Ofsted in accordance with The Education (Individual Pupil Information) (Prescribed Persons) (England) Regulations 2009 as amended by The Education (Individual Pupil Information) (Prescribed Persons) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013.

The individual pupil information may only be used for:

(i) conducting research or analysis,
(ii) producing statistics, or
(iii) providing information, advice or guidance,

and for the sole purpose of promoting the education or well-being of children in England.

You are subject to the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998, and must comply with all of the requirements in the Act in relation to the individual pupil information supplied under this agreement. In particular, you agree not to publish or share the information in a form which enables individual pupils to be identified.

Ofsted provides the individual pupil information to you in line with the Regulations and in good faith. Ofsted is not responsible for any unauthorised use of this data on your part.