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16-19 inspection validated dashboard release28/03/2017
The validated 16-19 study programmes inspection dashboard containing some new types of information is now available.

It contains validated level 3 value added (VA) and attainment data and revised destinations data.

New content is:

  • strengths and weaknesses for level 3 VA
  • shading on subject VA scores that are sig- and in the lowest 5% to help pinpoint subject weaknesses
  • a green line on VA charts showing minimum standard thresholds
  • academic and applied general average point score (APS) per entry with grade equivalents
  • A-level attainment overall and by prior attainment showing:
    • APS for best three A levels
    • percentage attaining grades AAB

(prior attainment now shows grade B and grade A or above)

Minimum standards weaknesses are shown in the inspection dashboard for academic and applied general qualifications but not currently for tech level qualifications. Tech level and retention data measures can now be found in the DfE school and college performance tables: