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16 to 19 inspection dashboard general guidance ... 19/05/2017

Please note that the newest version of the 16 to 19 inspection dashboard general guidance is now available.

Revised list of 2014-2019 key stage 4 qualifica ... 11/04/2017

Please note that a revised list of 2014-2019 key stage 4 qualifications and discount codes document has been added to the RAISEonline library under ‘Further details of the revised performance tables qualifications, discount rules and early entry g ...

DfE announcement - RAISEonline update 30/03/2017

The Department for Education (DfE) are launching a new service, which will provide schools and other existing user groups with detailed performance analysis to support local school improvement as a replacement to RAISEonline. We hope to have this ...

Absence data updates 30/03/2017

We are pleased to confirm the summary reports and inspection dashboards have been updated with 2016 absence data for special schools.

RAISEonline information slides 30/03/2017

Published today is a set of slides containing answers to frequently asked questions about charts and tables in RAISEonline.

16-19 inspection validated dashboard release 28/03/2017

The validated 16-19 study programmes inspection dashboard containing some new types of information is now available.

RAISEonline service update 27/03/2017

We can confirm that the current RAISEonline service will be available until Monday 31 July 2017.