The RAISEonline site is WCAG AA compliant, based on the WCAG 2.0 guidelines, with the exception of reports being viewed.

Colour contrast has been developed to ensure that users with low-contrast vision, colour blindness or low quality monitors are able to view the site clearly.

All images have appropriate ALT text.

Mandatory indicators have been placed alongside forms and fields where users need to input information, to aid in accessing the different areas of RAISEonline. Error messages will display if the information inserted is incorrect.

When a user inputs information or interacts with a control, it will not result in a substantial change to the page, an additional change of keyboard focus or any other change that could confuse or disorient the user, unless the user is informed of the change ahead of time.

If you have any issues with accessibility of RAISEonline and its reports, please click the ‘contact us’ link or email